Los Angeles Chargers revamp new marketing logo — again

Los Angeles Chargers revamp new marketing logo — again

For the third time in as many days, the Los Angeles Chargers have redesigned what they’re calling their temporary marketing logo. On Thursday, when the team announced they were leaving San Diego for L.A., the Chargers floated a navy blue and white logo that incorporated a stylized lightning bolt adorned to the city’s initials.

This time, the team kept the gold and powder blue colors, but decided to spell out the name of the city and the franchise. This logo seems less ripe for the Photoshop experiments the last two fell victim to, but we’ll see.

Lakers and Clippers fans join forces to boo new L.A. Chargers logo

Lakers Coach Luke Walton wasn’t the only person in the building for the Lakers-Clippers game on Saturday who didn’t like the Chargers’ move from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Most of Staples Center agreed with him.

During the second quarter of the Clippers’ home game against the Lakers, the video board showed the new Los Angeles Chargers logo and the crowd booed it heartily.

Seconds later, the camera panned to Chargers tight end Jeff Cumberland in the crowd and identified him in a caption. At first, some leftover boos continued. Then, perhaps realizing Cumberland had no impact on the move, a few cheers surfaced.

The Chargers announced their move to Los Angeles this week after spending more than 50 years in San Diego. Walton, a native of San Diego, said he was “a little heartbroken” about the move.

“I don’t think it is [the right move], but I’m a Charger fan that wants the team in San Diego,” Walton said on Thursday. “I have no idea what’s happening on the business side of it, but I obviously would like to have had them stay.”

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