Hillary Clinton to speak Tuesday at new State Department museum bearing her name

Hillary Clinton returns to Washington, and to the scene of her last government job, for the ceremonial opening next week of a new exhibition and museum area at the State Department that will be partly named for her.

Clinton is slated to speak at the ceremony and reception on Tuesday, alongside fellow former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, according to an invitation to the event, which has not been announced. It would be only her second public appearance in Washington since losing the Nov. 8 election.

One of the four exhibition halls in the U.S. Diplomacy Center will be called the Hillary Clinton Pavilion, with others named for former secretaries James A. Baker and Henry Kissinger, and for current Secretary of State John F. Kerry.

The approximately $50 million glass-fronted addition to the hulking State Department building will house a museum of diplomatic history and artifacts. It is also meant to give a welcoming front door to a forbidding structure otherwise walled off by security gates and concrete barriers.

Visitors will encounter Clinton’s name first — the Hillary Clinton Pavilion is the glass entrance hall to the complex, complete with a glass ceiling. A State Department website devoted to the project says this section will “engage visitors in exploring U.S. relationships with nations around the world.”

The bulk of the money for the center was raised during Clinton’s four-year tenure as President Obama’s first secretary of state, from 2009 to 2013. Clinton was not running for president at the time but was widely presumed to be contemplating a second White House run in 2016.

State Department emails from Clinton’s term, released under court directive as part of the fallout over her private email system, chronicle some of the millions of dollars in corporate, foundation and other donations she helped draw for the project.

Some of the donors overlap with Clinton’s network of political fundraisers and with donors to the Clinton family’s charitable foundation.

The museum was conceived by Albright, who held a symbolic groundbreaking for it in 2000, near the close of Bill Clinton’s presidency. The project languished during the George W. Bush years and was revived by Hillary Clinton, who deputized a longtime donor and friend to raise outside money.

The Carnegie Foundation of New York has announced a $750,000 grant to support programming at the center, which will operate as a public-private venture. A private foundation pays for programs, educational work and updates to exhibitions.

Hillary Clinton spoke on Capitol Hill on Dec. 8. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

Email Headache Returns: New Clinton messages show passwords, schedules flowed freely

The election’s over – but Hillary Clinton’s emails are still coming to light. And they help illustrate why the FBI declared she was “extremely careless” with the information flowing across her secret server.

A new batch of messages released by the State Department on Tuesday shows the former secretary of state and her team routinely shared her upcoming schedules, talking points and sensitive items – such as her iPad password – via the homebrewed system.

Other newly revealed emails, which were posted as the result of litigation, show Clinton’s top advisers griping about her during her time as secretary of State; an Asian ruler who later implemented Sharia law saying he considered former President Bill Clinton part of his “family”; and Clinton talking about Justin Cooper, one of the key figures who administered to her private server.

Many of the 371 emails posted on the State Department website had been partially released previously, and are separate from the hacked emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta posted by WikiLeaks before the election. Almost all the messages were partly or heavily redacted.

Among the items redacted -- yet still sent over email -- was Clinton's iPad password.

In an Aug. 20, 2012 conversation, Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, told her boss she had the iPad password reset. The device had previously given Clinton problems, though Abedin wrote that it’s “all good now.”

At the top of the message, Abedin typed out the entirety of the new password, which was redacted on the State Department release. Clinton responded later with even more information, noting that “I finally realized I had to add the [redacted] to the password!!!!”

During the July speech in which FBI Director James Comey termed Clinton’s server practices “extremely careless” but not criminal, he also said “hostile actors” could have hacked her communications. In at least one instance, Clinton aide Cooper logged hacking attempts on the server.

Still, Clinton and her advisers continued sending information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands, including detailed, advanced copies of her schedules and talking points for upcoming calls and meetings with foreign leaders and top U.S. officials.

On Sept. 30, 2011 – the day American-born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki was killed – Abedin emailed Clinton to say then-CIA Director David Petraeus wanted to talk on a secure connection. She added: “Assume its about awlaki.”

Other emails released Tuesday shed light on Clinton’s relationships.

In advance of a September 2012 meeting with the Sultan of Brunei – who would later impose Sharia law on his country – Abedin emailed Clinton that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah hoped to have dinner with Clinton and her family.

“They say sultan sees wjc as part of his family and thus is treating you in this ‘informal’ way,” she wrote, using Bill Clinton’s initials.

On Dec. 24, 2011, Clinton emailed Chelsea Clinton, who was using a pseudonym revealed previously by WikiLeaks, asking “Who will provide tech support after Justin leaves,” ostensibly citing Cooper, who originally helped set up Clinton’s server and was typically called for any tech issues Clinton was experiencing.

“Let’s talk about this later – he’s actually supported by someone else too as a fyi,” Chelsea replied cryptically. “I think there are a couple options.”

In an email chain from April 4, 2012 that Clinton was eventually excluded from, Abedin complained about Clinton’s obsession with an archiving project.

“This records thing is the bain of my existence with her….” she wrote.

Philippe Reines, another top Clinton aide, responded with the frustration he experienced explaining to Clinton that she had received the incorrect copy of a document.

“I emailed her that. I told her in the elevator up from videos. I told her that in the pre-brief. I told her that in the elevator up to 8. I made clear it wasn’t that Jake [Sullivan]’s timeline was ‘inadequate’ – just that the wrong version made its way to her,” Reines wrote. “But [I] think it played into whatever anxiety she has that you’re experiencing about the topic of archiving.”

More Hillary Clinton emails surface – and show how anti-gay Sharia law ruler shunned by celebrities treated Bill 'like part of his family'

Among the thousand cuts Donald Trump delivered to Hillary Clinton en route to her political death was the accusation that she was cozy with the repressive Sultan of Brunei. A 2012 email released Thursday by the U.S. State Department seems to back him up.

In the message, Clinton aide Huma Abedin told the then-presidential candidate that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, worth a reported $20 billion, wanted to see her and husband Bill for an intimate 'family style dinner.'
Brunei government officials 'say [the] sultan sees wjc [William Jefferson Clinton] as part of his family and this is treating you in this "informal" way,' she wrote.

The sultan's embrace of brutal Muslim Sharia law to guide his nation's criminal justice system made him the center of controversy two years later when Hollywood celebrities discovered that it criminalized homosexuality – and imposed a potential death penalty for 'sodomy.'

The criminal code there also requires stoning to death for adultery, the amputation of limbs for theft, and flogging for abortion and alcohol consumption.

Former 'Tonight' show host Jay Leno led a group of picketers outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, which the sultan owns, saying that 'evil flourishes when good people do nothing, and that is pretty much what this is. This is not complicated. These are not crazy left-wing wacko people.'

Daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres boycotted the hotel, and other sultan-owned properties. So did businessman Richard Branson and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Trump raised the issue in a June 2015 speech, saying that Clinton 'accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei when she was Secretary of State – plus millions more for her foundation.'

'The Sultan of Brunei has pushed oppressive Sharia law, including the punishment of death by stoning for being gay. The government of Brunei also stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of Hillary’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which she would absolutely approve if given the chance.'

Clinton, it emerged later, followed the ethics rules requiring her to turn the jewelry over to the federal government for its archives. But Clinton Foundation records show gifts totaling between $1 million and $5 million from the sultan.

Trump also blasted the foundation for taking 'up to $25 million from Saudi Arabia, where being gay is also punishable by death. Hillary took millions from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and many other countries that horribly abuse women and LGBT citizens.'

It was a conscious effort to put Clinton on defense, seizing the moral high ground on gay rights that liberal Democrats typically claim exclusively as their own.

Huma Abedin's email to Clinton noted a previous 'visit' with the sultan by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton – and Hillary's mother Dorothy Howell Rodham, who had died in 2011.

The message reached Clinton on her private plane when she touched down in Brunei six hours later. It was on that visit that she received the jewelry.

The U.S. State Department's official recap of the trip records that 'His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei and Her Majesty the Queen warmly welcomed Secretary Clinton to their home, the Royal Palace Istana Nurul Iman, for dinner with the Royal Family.'

'The Royal Palace was beautifully lit up with thousands of twinkling lights, lending a festive air to the evening. After dinner, His Majesty offered the Secretary a tour of Istana Nurul Iman, which is the largest residential palace in the world.'

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