Here’s how you can get a For Honor beta code

If you’re willing to do a bit of exploration of the world of For Honor, you can get yourself a beta key.


The FAQ page for the site notes that it ran out of codes. There were reports right up until this morning of people getting codes, however, so the stock may get replenished at some point later today.

We’ll update the story again if more codes get added.

Original story: The For Honor closed beta starts in just a couple of hours all over the world.

Being a closed beta, you’re going to need either a code, or an invite from someone who’s already in. However, you can still guarantee yourself a beta code by browsing an interactive website.

The site, called SCARS, is found at the link. It basically allows you to explore some of the game’s characters, watch a mini battle, and create a weapon. At the end of tour, you’ll be provided with a beta code.

If you don’t know what to do, just follow the below steps:
  • After confirming your age, pick one of the heroes
  • Click on the dots that appear on the left and keep scrolling
  • After the battle ends, you’ll get a chance to select a weapon
  • Select a weapon and hit customise
  • After picking the hilt and blade for your weapon, hit Validate my Weapon
  • You should now have a beta code
You’ll need to redeem your code on Ubisoft’s website here, which will then roll you in. You’ll need a uPlay account, which you should have if you played a Ubisoft game before. Do keep in mind that this site isn’t available in all regions, but it’s worth a try.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to invite up to three other friends on the same platform you got a code for.

The For Honor beta wraps up January 29, or early morning January 30 in Europe.

We’ve got even more For Honor beta codes to give away, so come watch us play for a chance to join in [CLOSED]

For Honor has a ridiculous premise, but who hasn’t wanted to pit legendary historical warriors against each other? It’s like when you didn’t have enough action figures to go around so your Transformers and My Little Ponies took on the combined forces of GI Joe and Voltron.

Today Shabana is playing the For Honor beta, and as luck would have it she has a couple of beta codes to give away, too. If you like what you see, stay tuned for an opportunity to snaffle one from her.

Update: Cats, the stream is over. Shabana went to bed. All the codes are gone! Why are you still here?

For Honor releases in February for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Its multiplayer modes allow you to mix and match units from the Samurai, Knight and Viking factions so you and your crew can put together deadly combinations of warriors.

There’s some sort of campaign mode also apparently but honestly, you know why you buy For Honor. Don’t be surprised if the sequel is Pirates vs Ninja vs Cowboys or something.

For Honor’s beta starts today - here’s when and how to get in

For Honor brings sword-slashing, head-mashing and katana-wielding military might to PC today with the start of the beta. While it’s not fully open, there are a lot more codes out there for it than have been available previously, and all NDAs are removed. Here’s the key facts you’re after.

Emails when out to anyone who received a beta key saying that the For Honor beta will start at 3pm CET / 2pm GMT / 6am PST today, January 26, ending in the early hours of Jan 30. Here’s the full details for each major time zone:
  • 2pm GMT, Jan 26 - 1am GMT, Jan 30
  • 3pm CET, Jan 26 - 2am CET, Jan 30
  • 9am EST, Jan 26 - 8pm EST, Jan 29
  • 6am PST, Jan 26 - 5pm PST, Jan 29
  • 1am AEDT, Jan 27 - 12pm AEDT, Jan 30
In other words, you’ve got Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy it in whatever time zone you’re in.

How do I get into the For Honor beta?

Sadly, it’s not as simple as just a download. Keys have been distributed to a few folks via Ubisoft’s official sign-up, and each of those people can invite three uPlay friends - check with your mates, or on Reddit, NeoGAF or the official forums. Smaller communities you’re part of might have their own sharing thread.

There’s also the SCARS website that Ubisoft advertised last week. For a while it was giving guaranteed beta access for anyone who went through its full process. However, anyone who gets to the end of the site now is reporting no code pops up, or the option to redeem it. There's an FAQ entry saying it has ran out. For now, it seems to be a dead route.

Obviously, make sure you’re signed up for a code in case Ubisoft decide to do some more releases through the weekend.

What’s in the For Honor beta?

According to the For Honor beta trailer above, here’s what you’ll get to play with:
  • Three game modes:
    • Dominion - 4vs4 and the main game mode of For Honor.
    • Brawl - 2vs2, a quicker, more fight-orientated mode.
    • Duel - 1vs1 in a tiny arena which is as deadly as your opponents.
  • Six maps:
    • As far as we can tell, these are split across the game modes.
    • For example, there is at least one duel map, a couple of dominion ones, etc, not six maps playable in every mode.
  • Nine heroes:
    • These are evenly split across the three factions, fulfilling streotypes for each.
    • Samurai:
      • Orochi - Defensively minded and prime for counter-attacking.
      • Kensei - Long-ranged (for a man with a sword) and adaptable to fighting different kinds of opponents.
      • Nobushi - The longest attack range in the game on the end of a large polearm offers great zone control.
    • Vikings:
      • Raider - They’ve got a massive two-handed axe and like to disarm people with it. Do huge damage.
      • Berserker - Dual-wielded hand axes make for a quick fighting style.
      • Warlord - Short range and wielding a shield, Warlords are as defensive as Vikings get.
    • Knights:
      • Conqueror - With a shield and mace, able to hold a great defensive position.
      • Warden - Subscribe to the ‘hit them with a big sword’ style of thinking, making them adaptable but unspecialised.
      • Peacekeeper - Quick, assasin-style characters with two swords.
Can I run the For Honor beta? What are the system requirements?

We’ve got a full post about the For Honor system requirements for you to look at. In general, it should run on any reasonable (or unreasonable) machine, but do remember it’s a beta and may still have some optimization work to do.

Will my progress in the For Honor beta transfer to the live game?
Unsurprisingly, no. You being better at the game definitely will, though, so train up them skills.

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