Fugitive Brazilian inmates post 'selfies' on Facebook while on the run

Brayan Bremer (L) and an unidentified man posed for a picture uploaded to Facebook after breaking out of the Antonio Trindade jail in Manaus on Sunday. Hours later, 112 inmates broke out of the Anisio Jobim prison amid a deadly riot. The unidentified man has been captured, though Bremer has not. Photo courtesy of Brayan Bremer/Facebook

A Brazilian man who broke out of prison in Manaus has posted photos of himself on Facebook, including one post-escape "selfie."

Brayan Bremer, sentenced on robbery charges, and another another fugitive posed for and posted on Bremer's "Mobile Uploads" Facebook folder a picture amid dense vegetation -- both giving thumbs up with the accompanying caption "On run of jail."

In the image, Bremer did not have shoes on. In one Facebook post, he advises "single ladies" to "take care."

Police said the unidentified man behind Bremer has been captured, while Bremer remains on the run, A Crítica reported. Bremer often used his Facebook account while imprisoned, though it is banned by prison officials.

Bremer was among about 72 people who broke out of the Antonio Trindade jail in Manaus on Sunday. Hours later, 112 inmates broke out of the Anisio Jobim prison amid a deadly riot. Dozens of inmates have been recaptured.

At least 60 people died, including several by decapitation, during Sunday's 17-hour Anisio Jobim prison riot. A total of 1,229 inmates were housed in the prison, which has an intended capacity of just 500.

Brazil prison escape: Fugitive posts selfies on the run

In the picture, Brayan Bremer, who is serving a sentence for robbery, can be seen amidst dense vegetation giving the thumbs up.

Behind him is another fugitive who police say has since been captured.

The men are among dozens who escaped on Sunday from two prisons in Manaus.

'Escape artist'
Bremer was among 72 inmates to escape from Antonio Trindade jail on Sunday in the northern state of Amazonas.
Hours later another 112 prisoners broke out of the nearby Anisio Jobim jail amidst a deadly riot which left 56 people dead.

Bremer was active on Facebook during his time in jail, despite a ban on prisoners using the internet.
But it was his posts after his escape which went viral in Brazil.

The first post shows Bremer in a Bayern Munich football shirt covered in mud alongside a fellow fugitive with the message: "On the run from jail."

Another showed Bremer with four others in a similar jungle location eating fruit.

While Bremer's Facebook account has now been deleted, a number of spoof accounts in his name have since appeared, such as @fugitivodoano (@FugitiveOfTheYear).

They show Bremer and his fellow escapee as the heroes in a variety of films such as prison escape drama The Shawshank Redemption, TV series Prison Break, and The Cold Light of Day, the Portuguese title of which translates as Ruthless Escape.

While Facebook users appeared to be making light of the mass escape, police in Manaus continued their search for the fugitives.

Officials said they had recaptured 40 so far, among them the man who appears in the selfie with Bremer.

Fugitives Post Facebook Selfies After Breaking Out of Brazil Prison

A man who broke out of prison in Brazil on Sunday posted selfies of himself and another escaped fugitive on his Facebook page.

Brayan Bremer, who was in prison for robbery, was one of 72 people who broke out of Antonio Trindade jail in Manaus, Brazil. The prison break was one of two on Sunday, with 112 inmates escaping from Anisio Jobim prison hours later in the midst of a riot that left 60 dead, according to UPI.

An unidentified fellow escapee pictured with Bremer has been recaptured, but Bremer remains at large. His Facebook page has been removed; Bremer often posted to Facebook from jail although it was banned by prison officials, UPI reported.

Bremer’s escape selfie showed the inmates in a wooded area and Bremer without shoes on his feet. The caption read, “On the run from jail,” according to the BBC. Another post advised “single ladies” to “take care.”

More than 40 of the inmates who escaped from the two prisons on Sunday have been recaptured, the BBC reported.

After Bremer’s Facebook profile was deleted, other users created spoof accounts linking his selfies to movies and TV shows like “Prison Break” and “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Bremer has not been reported to commit any crimes since his escape.

The Anisio Jobim prison that was the site of the deadly riot housed more than twice the number of inmates it was built to hold, the BBC reported. Several people were decapitated during the 17-hour riot, according to UPI.

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