Ed Sheeran got a flip phone so he could avoid social media for a year, and we love this idea

After finally releasing new music, Ed Sheeran reveals how he’s kept off of social media and it involves a flip phone!  On Thursday, Sheeran released not one, but two new singles and we’re freaking out.

While we are currently listening to the tunes on repeat, we’ve also been wondering where on earth he’s been. In an interview with BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast, the British singer finally opened up about where he’s been and how he’s stayed off of social media for so long.

Sure, we love to see what our favorite celebrities are up to on Instagram and Twitter, but Sheeran staying off of those platforms is pretty cool as well.

“I have an addictive personality, you can see from the tattoos. So my New Year’s resolution was to get off social media,” Sheeran told the morning radio show.

“I’ve got one of those little drug dealer phones — untraceable burners,” he continued. “I told [Adele] I got a flip phone and she thought I was taking the mick out of her.”

While we love that Sheeran uses a flip phone, we’re more excited about the fact that he’s close with Adele. It’s so freaking awesome.

In addition to changing his type of phone the 25-year-old singer spent the year really enjoying his time off from the craziness of the music world.

“I was in Queenstown and they were like, ‘Should we go on a bungie jump?’ And I said, ‘Ah, yes when in Rome,’ but I’m terrified of heights,” Sheeran recalls.

“I did do it, but it was horrible,” he explained. “That was probably the scariest thing I did. I also put my foot in a boiling geyser in Iceland. It melted the skin off the top of my foot. I was wearing a Timberland boot which no longer exists.”

Not too shabby for the “Shape of You” singer, who is already our favorite artist of 2017. Did you really expect anything else?

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Ed Sheeran Delivers 2 New Songs, “Castle On The Hill” & “Shape Of You”

Ed Sheeran has been lowkey as of late. However, the songwriter/singer emerged back on the music scene with two new songs, “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You.”

After a year long social media break, the international star took to Facebook, Instagram, and his Twitter to tease the songs before releasing them today (Jan. 6).

“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go/ Me and my friends at the table doing shots drinking fast and then we talk slow,” he sings on “Shape On You.”

The Benny Blanco-produced “Castle on the Hill” has more of a theatrical feel to it. He sings: “When I was six-years-old I broke my leg/I was running from my brother and his friends/And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass as I rolled down grass as I rolled down/Well, I was younger then/Take me back to when/I found my heart/And broke it/Made friends and lost them through the years.”

Ed Sheeran releases new music

New year, new Ed Sheeran.

The Grammy-winning artist has blessed fans with not one, but two new singles.

Sheeran released "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You" Friday. It's his first new music in almost two years.

"Cause I've been away for a bit here's two singles rather than one," the singer tweeted.

He also talked about his absence, which included a year-long break from social media.

"I have an addictive personality, you can see from the tattoos," he said. "So my New Year's resolution was to get off social media."

To help him keep his resolution, he said, he purchased "one of those little drug dealer phones," meaning an untraceable phone that doesn't have data.

When he told friend and fellow superstar Adele that he had a "flip phone" she didn't believe him, Sheeran said.

He declined to say when his new album will drop, though a special group of folks have heard some of his new music.

The "Thinking Out Loud" singer said he was at a party with the cast of "Game of Thrones" and ended up inviting them back to his home for an impromptu listening party.

"I had never met some of them before and I was like, 'You want to hear some new songs?'" he said.

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