Carroll: Sherman played 2nd half of season with knee injury

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman played the second half of the season with an injured knee, although he was never listed on any injury report.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Monday that Sherman had an MCL injury in his knee, similar to the ones suffered by quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Tyler Lockett earlier in the season.

Carroll called the injury "significant" on his weekly radio show on KIRO-AM Monday morning and expanded on the situation later in his end-of-season news conference.

"He never missed anything. Just like Russell never missed anything. Tyler. They all happened over the course of the season and they all just made it through it," Carroll said.

"They never complained, they didn't want to miss a practice and they basically didn't miss anything. But they were legit, those were legit injuries, they showed up in the whole thing. That's a challenge. Guys all over the league are going through the same thing, but our guys just happened to be doing it as well."

Carroll did not specify which knee Sherman injured and Sherman never appeared to miss any game time due to an injury in the latter half of the season.

Yet the disclosure raised questions of whether the Seahawks circumvented the NFL's injury reporting policy.

Sherman was not listed on any injury or practice report this season with a knee injury. Sherman typically sat out at least one practice per week starting around midseason, but each of those was given an "NIR" -- not injury related -- designation on the practice report.

The only time Sherman was listed as having an injury designation came in Week 12 against Tampa Bay when he was listed with an ankle injury.

"I'm feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that because that happened, but he was OK," Carroll said. "So I don't know. He never missed anything, which is probably why."

Carroll said he had a "big meeting" with Sherman after the season-ending 36-20 loss to Atlanta on Saturday in the NFC divisional playoff game.

It was a tumultuous season for the cornerback that included two sideline blowups during games, conflicts with local media and an undisclosed injury.

"I just wanted to make sure we left on really good terms," Carroll said. "We talk a lot, I talk with him all the time. I just wanted to make sure to touch base one more time because it was a difficult year for him. The media thing was a big deal and all that. He made it through it. It was hard."

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) tackles Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) during the first half of an NFL football NFC divisional playoff game, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman battled MCL injury second half of season

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has a significant knee injury.

Head coach Pete Carroll spoke Monday morning with “Brock and Salk” on 710 ESPN Seattle during his final radio show of the season.

“I had a big meeting with Richard going out,” Carroll said. “He has some regrets about this season, it didn’t go the way we wanted it to go. You don’t know, he dealt with a significant knee [injury] the whole second half of the season. It was stressful to him to get out there. He had a MCL problem that he could play with, like Russell [Wilson] did, he had the same problem that Russell did and he made it through it.”

Carroll said many of Sherman’s frustrations expressed throughout the season came as a result of battling the injury.

“That weighs on you, particularly when you are out there on the edge and you know you’re not quite 100 percent,” Carroll explained. “It fed into some of the stuff that he had to deal with. I don’t mean to be revealing everything, but I admire how hard he worked at this thing and how he tried to handle it.”

Sherman has been in the spotlight as of late, but there never had been mention of his injury. The attention had been focused on Sherman’s sideline rants, press conference remarks and his unwillingness to deal with the media. Carroll acknowledged Sherman had regrets, and the injury adds a new twist to the story.

“When he made his mistakes, he was burdened by that and he had to work his way through it,” Carroll said. “He’s a good man, he’s trying to get everything right.”

Carroll also said that wide receiver Tyler Lockett suffered with a similar knee injury early in the year.

Carroll will hold his press conference at noon Pacific Time Monday, and this story will be updated with more details then.

Richard Sherman's conflicts on and off the field escalated by 'significant' MCL injury

On Monday, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said on 710 ESPN Seattle that cornerback Richard Sherman has been battling a “significant” MCL injury for several weeks.

The injury was affecting Sherman off the field, also, according to Carroll.

Sherman struggled in coverage against Julio Jones in the Seahawks’ divisional loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday. The Seahawks lost with a final score of 36-20.

In the week leading up to the Divisional Round matchup, Sherman was listed on the Seahawks’ injury report, but he was identified as being held out of practice once for a non-injury related reason.

His status was not listed as in question for Saturday’s game, and looking at Seattle’s injury report history, it looks like a common practice to give Sherman a non-injury related day of rest mid-week. The only time Sherman appeared on Seattle’s injury report with an actual injury this season was Week 12, when he was listed with an ankle injury.

Sherman also has regrets about the way he conducted himself at times at the end of the season.

"He's a good man,” Carroll said, according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “He's trying to get everything right.”

Carroll also said that the injury “fed into” some of Sherman’s conflicts later in the season.

“But that weighs on you, particularly when you are out there on the edge and you know you are not quite 100 percent and it fed into some of the stuff that he had to deal with,” Carroll said.

Sherman drew a lot of attention late in the season when he told a member of the Seattle media that he would “ruin” his career by ensuring his media credentials were revoked. He was unhappy with the reporter’s questions about an altercation with coaches on his own sideline because he didn’t like the decision to run a passing play from the 1-yard line.

It didn’t take long for Sherman to apologize for his comments via Twitter.

Sherman has also openly questioned officiating this season.

During the regular season, Sherman had 58 tackles, four interceptions, and 13 pass deflections. He was selected to the Pro Bowl for the fourth time following the 2016 season.

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