12 Awesome Matching Outfits

12 Hilarious Matching Outfits

1. Girl Secretly Documents Her Classmate Matching His Shirt To Drink Every Day

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 Brian Milan, a 16-year-old high school student from Stafford County, Virginia, just became an Internet celebrity for the most hilarious reason. One day he decided to match his shirt with his drink “as a joke.” His inside joke was later noticed by other students, however, at first, they thought it was just an accident.

His classmate, Chloe Alwes, secretly started documenting Milan. Soon she realized that he does that every day. When she posted the pictures on Twitter, they went viral and were retweeted more than 125,000 times.

Alwes later described Brian as a “nice kid” who is “very quiet” and likes to keep to himself.

2. Glitch in the Matrix

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Is the same guy time-traveling and trying to avoid meeting himself? Or did the replicator stop sorting people into different spaces properly? Just how did three bald white guys in bright blue polo shirts and glasses end up catching up on work at the same cafe? My theory is that it’s a hot place, so they all shaved their heads (which is right, it’s Bangkok), and they work at the same nearby company that has a dress code and won’t give their tech guys a private office. This eerie image was snapped by redditor oldmontgomeryflange, who did not mention his hairstyle or what he was wearing at the time. -via Boing Boing

3. Accidental camouflage

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 Apparently my taste doesn't change too often...

 4. Hilarious accidental camouflage

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 A sweater and a chair share the same design.

5. This accidental camo is too good to stay hidden

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 This is the best camouflage swimsuit ever.

6.  Double trouble: These amazing lookalikes spotted on public transport don't just look alike, they're wearing matching outfits too

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 It's not every day you're confronted with your lookalike.

But this amazing set of pictures reveals you can come face-to-face with your doppelganger when you least expect it - even on the way to work.

These unwitting commuters have taken social media by storm as they were snapped sitting beside their 'twin' on public transport.

Some embarrassingly stepped out in near-identical outfits or even sporting the same hairstyle.
The hilarious images led people to question whether they were seeing double or in fact there was 'a glitch in the Matrix'.

It comes after 26-year-old Niamh Geaney from Dublin started searching for her 'twin stranger' through a social media experiment and found her lookalike living just an hour away.

7. Unintentional matching at the museum

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 These strangers at a museum share more than one thing in common.

8. "Well, one of us is going to have to change"

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9.  Now Everyone’s Matching Their Outfits To Their Surroundings

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 You might consider matching your handbag to your heels, but there’s a new type of matchy matchy dressing that’s taking things to a whole new level…matching your outfit to your surroundings.

A new gallery has appeared on image-sharing site Imgur showing people caught accidentally matching their clothes to the objects around them. And the results are pretty darned hilarious.

From so similar they’re practically identical colour matches to completely bonkers ‘snap’ patterns, the results of the images are so alike it’s difficult to believe the resemblance is purely a coincidence.

The gallery of 19 pictures shows everything from a woman who’s heavily patterned top is near identical to the fabric on the train seat she’s sitting on, to a man who’s aqua coloured socks perfectly match the carpet he’s stretching them out on. One man’s garish jumper bears an uncanny resemblance to the restaurant booth he’s sitting in, while another has unwittingly matched his clothes to a nearby traffic cone and hazard tape!

But our favourite has to be the woman who’s black and white zig zag top and turquoise jeans are the mirror image of a phone case someone is holding up nearby.

10. Blooming stairs

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 Whether it’s by pure coincidence or intentional, people sometimes find themselves wearing the same colors or patterns as their surrounding. You may find yourself walking in a room with a floor of the same color as your shoes or wearing clothes that match the couch or the wall. When this happens, you find yourself blending with your environment and people have to double take to ensure they’re seeing things right.

11. Socks

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When your socks match the floor.

12. This allegedly happened to a Redditor's friend by coincidence.

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