12 Awesome Christmas Hairstyles

12 Hilarious Christmas Hairstyles

1. Crazy Christmas Hairstyle

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 Is this something for you? This is definitely my favorite Christmas hairdo.

2. Have a Great Christmas ~ Love JujuChan

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 3. Christmas Haircut

 How cute.

4. Santa Hat Hairstyle from BabesInHairland
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Santa Hat Hairstyle | Christmas Hairstyle.
I realized that up until this year, despite all these years of blogging, we’ve never really posted festive Christmas hairstyles!  It’s not that we’ve not done fun things over the years, it’s just that I’ve never posted them. So I hope that you won’t mind another one today!  I’ve actually got a couple more, but with Christmas being next week, they might have to wait until next year!

This week’s style again, isn’t anything overly complicated, but it’s fun & festive just the same!  🎅🎅

For this style you will need a few supplies:

** clear elastics, red ribbon, bobby pins or hair pins, cotton balls, and if you want to fill the middle of the santa hat in, you’ll need some red cloth

Step 1 – Part the hair from ear to ear
Step 2 – Near the crown, combine all that hair into a half pony and secure with a clear elastic
Step 3 – Part remaining hair in back down the center of the back of the head & temporarily secure each side out of the way with a clip
Step 3 –  Slip 2 red ribbons under the elastic of the ponytail and make sure they are about as long as the ponytail
Step 4  – Divide the half ponytail into 2 even sections – a left & a right section
Step 5 –  Create a 4 strand braid with the section on the right
Position the ribbon as the 2nd section for the braid.  So from left to right there is a section of hair, the ribbon, another section of hair, and another section of hair.  By having the ribbon in the 2nd position, it will run right down the middle of the braid.  For a more up close look on How to do a 4 Strand Braid – watch THIS video.

Step 6 – Starting on the right side, pass the right section over the section of hair just to the left of it, and then under the red ribbon
Step 7 – On the left side, pass the left section of hair under the hair to the right of it, and then over the red ribbon
Step 8 – Continue the braiding process – Over Under (from the right side) and Under Over (from the left side)
Step 9 – Continue braiding until the braid can reach the nape of the neck & temporarily secure end of braid with clip
Step 10 – Gather all remaining hair on the right side into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck & add the braid into it securing with a clear elastic
Step 11 – Repeat Steps 6-10 on the left side

5. Christmas Hair – Candy Canes

Candy Cane Christmas Hair
Hair colour, styling, model, makeup and photography all by Anya Goy.

How did you create this Christmas hair candy cane effect?

First the hair was bleached blonde. Then I applied Crazy Colour “Fire” in sliced foils to create the red streaks. I also used a toner: “Fudge Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale”, on the left out bleached blonde hair. (Please refer to my book to learn how to bleach hair correctly and how to use foils in this type of application.) That was the easy bit. Washing the foils out was another story…

How did you wash the hair without the red mixing into the white?

Each red streak was shampooed 3x individually then conditioned to reduce the chance of the white hair being affected. Very fiddly, time consuming and difficult even for a professional. The result was awesome, but despite my best efforts, when I next needed to wash my hair, the red still ran into the white and gave the white a slight pale pink tone. For those thinking of trying this for Christmas I would suggest spacing the red streaks out a lot, leave a lot of white hair. As the red will take over with each wash. Alternatively for a much easier festive look, try red and green. (I’ll be covering this in my next blog post).

How did you style the hair?

The styling is what makes this look come together, without twisting the hair it’s just not a candy cane! So I used two twisting techniques:
  • Rope Braids: I did two of these on the side. I took one strand of red and and another of white, then twisting them in opposite directions while coiling the strands around each other to create the ‘rope’ braid.
  • Cornrow twist: I first took 6 vertical sections on the top of my head. Then using hairspray to control the fly-aways I twisted each section back, like a cornrow, twisting the hair to turn inward. I then secured the section with a bobby pin. If any looked to flat or tight, I would gently pull to loosen and add height. Finishing with hairspray to set the style.

6. Cute Christmas Hairstyle

7. internationalbarberassociation (Mike Moriello)

Getty Images

 8. The most extravagant hairstyles for Christmas

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9. Holiday Hairstyles Sure To Shock Santa

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If Marie Antoniette had a Christmas Tree wig, this would probably be it.

10. Redneck haircut.

Getty Images

11. Elastic Christmas Tree

This girl went for it, Christmas lights and all.

It’s that time of year… the time of year when you drag out your ugly Christmas sweater and marvel in the fact that somehow at holidays, we love things ugly and tacky!  I’ve seen lots of holiday styles float around – the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer bun in particular – and thought about how awesome it is that you can wear something like that and have people stop and stare and say “Wow, that’s so cool!”

It got me thinking about Christmas tree styles and, in particular, how cool would it be to do a style that actually lights up?!  It’d be tacky and cool at the same time.  So I set to work brainstorming Christmas tree ideas.  As I went along though I realized that some of my styles were just too pretty to put Christmas lights in and *BAM* – it hit me!  Holiday styles could be beautiful too!

Take your pick of what you are going for – cute, cool, tacky, beautiful, quirky… hey, it’s the holidays!  You can get away with it!  Here are some different Christmas tree hairstyles that encompass it all.

12. You thought beard baubles were a festive trend too far... Now hipsters are making their facial hair Christmassy with elaborate robins' nests, icicles and candy canes

Just when you think you've seen it all, the hipsters manage to surprise again.

The news yesterday, that an advertising company in east London had launched a range of beard baubles seriously tickled MailOnline readers.

And today, a group of men from the capital have gone one better - turning their facial fuzz into festive works of art.
The four males have paid as much attention to decorating their chin bristles as they would their Christmas tree, attaching anything from robin's nests, to fake icicles and candy canes.

Visual artist Katya Wildman spent six hours creating the four designs and photographed the end result using a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge handset.

2014 has been the year of the beard - everywhere you look these days, men aged 18-40 are wearing their facial hair like a badge of honour.

There are Tumblr pages galore dedicated to men with a strong whisker presence and a Mancunian has even launched a dating site specifically for pogonophiles.

So, with Christmas around the corner, it was only right that companies are now inventing seasonal accessories for bearded men. 

A London advertising agency has been selling beard baubles - for the man wanting to add an extra festive touch to his chin fuzz.

The company claims that the Yuletide facial hair accessory - which retails for £5.00 ($7.80) a packet - has been flying off shelves, with customers from as far as Australia placing orders.

Ollie Dearn, who works at the agency behind the accessory, Grey London, said: 'The product has been particularly popular with Brits.

'We've sold more than we ever expected.

'But Aussie, American, Kiwis, German and French customers have been purchasing Beard Baubles too.'

Each pack contains 14 multicoloured baubles to attach to the bristles - ten large balls and four small ones.

The success of the product is a happy accident - the business makes a Christmas card every year to send to clients and friends and this year decided to add a present to their message of seasonal cheer.

Ollie said: 'Each year, Grey London make a Christmas card to send out to clients and other agencies.'

He continued: 'This year, the two designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford went one step further and came up with a festive gift idea to feature on our cards - Beard Baubles. It was a striking image.'

The craze isn't just a hit with humans either.

Ollie says: 'We've heard about hairy dogs wearing Beard Baubles too.'

All proceeds from the baubles go to Beardseason, an initiative to raise awareness for the fight against Melanoma that is encouraging men to grow their beard during the month of December.

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