10 Similar to Donald Trump

1. 'Trumpapillar': Fluffy Caterpillar Looks Just Like Donald Trump's Hair

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 New photos have revealed a bizarre, big-haired beast lurking deep in the Peruvian Amazon, and scientists noticed that the odd creature bears a striking resemblance to a certain U.S. presidential candidate's famous (or perhaps infamous) hairdo.

The flannel moth caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis) sports fluffy, orange tufts that look suspiciously similar to Donald Trump's hair. As such, the researchers who encountered this creature have dubbed it the "Trumpapillar," after the Republican presidential candidate.

Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer was scouting in the Peruvian Amazon, when he came across the bright-orange, luxuriant fluff ball.

"I was putting on my boots, and someone said, 'Hey, check out this caterpillar hanging out,'" said Cremer, who captured photos of the larva in all its hairy beauty. "Sure enough, it was Donald Trump's hair hanging on a branch."

Adorable but irritating

This isn't the first time Cremer has seen the strange-looking caterpillar. He also spotted the creature four years ago, when he noticed the striking resemblance to Trump's hair, Cremer said.

Locals call this creature "ovejillo," which means "little sheep" in Spanish, Cremer told Live Science.

However, despite the critter's fluffy and adorable appearance, close contact with the Trumpapillar can be extremely irritating and even painful. That's because it's covered with so-called urticating hairs similar to those found on tarantulas, Cremer said.

"The hairs have little spines or little hooks on them that just go into your skin and irritate your skin and make you itch really bad," Cremer said. "Those spines have hypodermic needles in them that can inject venom, and it's extremely painful," causing raised welts and extreme pain for about a day, he said.

The flannel moth caterpillar, which measures about 2.5 inches long (6 centimeters) uses this venomous strategy to defend against potential predators, he added.

Like the troll dolls of the 1990s, the furry caterpillars come in a variety of colors, like white, yellow, red and pink, Cremer said. However, these aren't the only weird critters lurking in this region of the Amazon; Cremer has also found alien-like glowworms, weird symbiotic fungus, ant and caterpillar networks, and mysterious butterflies that drink turtle tears.

2. Turkish Donald Trump Doppelganger Turns Into Local Celebrity

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According to local media a Turkish Donald Trump resides in the province of Giresun on the Black Sea coast of the country. The doppelganger of the US president-elect, until recently served as the governor of the small provincial town of Köprübaşı.

His name is Abdullah Topçu and he has turned into a Turkish celebrity with people coming up to him asking for permission to take selfies with him. Many people joke with Topçu asking him about the future dollar rate and whether there will be an increase in people’s salary in the near future.

​​He himself takes his resemblance to Donald Trump quite humorously.

3. "Make America Butter" ~Trump 
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A wall of delicious, buttery goodness, that is. Make America tasty again!

4. Back to the Future II's Biff Was Actually Based Off Donald Trump

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This is heavy. Today, on the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to October 21, 2015, the Back to the Future II writer, Bob Gale, tells the Daily Beast that the film's villain, Biff Tannen, was based off Donald Trump.

"We thought about it when we made the movie! Are you kidding?" Gale said. "You watch Part II again and there's a scene where Marty confronts Biff in his office and there's a huge portrait of Biff on the wall behind Biff, and there's one moment where Biff kind of stands up and he takes exactly the same pose as the portrait? Yeah."

We kind of had a hunch already from this video released earlier this year. But this just proves it.

5. A Pumpkin Pie

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 A suffering pie.

6.  A Potato Sprouting Roots

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 You say potato, I say...Donald Trump?

 7. Does This New Pokemon Look Like Donald Trump?

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 Look! A brand new Pokemon! Trump, I… choose… you?!

Okay, maybe that didn’t turn out right, but do allow me to explain.

Nintendo has just come out with a brand-new Pokemon trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon , introducing a new location to explore. here’s more evolutions to get excited about, and new moves to try on opponents in battles, and of course, new Pokemon. they’re all quite adorable and some rather majestic…although hold, on, what’s this happening by the 2:06 mark?

Twitter fans are aghast. Could it be that rather scoundrely-looking weasel is turning into a Pokemon version of Donald Trump?!

Gumshoos, this new Normal-type Pokemon, bears a striking resemblance to the Trump. Large yellow hair? Check. Lapel-like chest fur? check. Tiny claws for hands? Check. Also, take note that this Pokemon’s signaure moves are the Stakeout and the Strong Jaw. Hmm.

Of course, our mileage may vary, and maybe Nintendo didn’t really mean for this to happen… Right?

Whatever it was, Twitter is all over this kerfuffle.

8. Giant rooster statue in China looks like Donald Trump

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A giant statue of a rooster that looks like U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is standing outside a shopping mall in China.

The statue was erected in Taiyuan, the capital and largest city of north China’s Shanxi province, and it heralds the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rooster, according to China’s ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily.

The designer said the piece was inspired by Mr. Trump -- his gestures and hair.

The company that owns the mall had commissioned the piece, said Cao Mingliang, deputy director of the planning department from the N1 ArtWalk Mall, CNN reported. And it will serve as the mall’s mascot.

At least four stores are even offering replicas of the giant rooster. They vary in price, starting as low as $57 and climbing as high as $1,739 for those seeking a 32-foot figure, according to CNN.

Another bird bearing resemblance to the U.S. president elect drew attention in China just last month. A photo of “Little Red,” a pheasant with golden feathers, went viral when a journalist from Hangzhou noted that the bird -- at a Chinese safari park -- looked similar to the incoming president, Reuters reported, citing People’s Daily.

“After comparing it with the photos ... we’ve found that not only are their hairstyles alike, their eyes’ expressions are pretty similar,” Gao Hongqiang, the head bird feeder at the Chinese park, told Reuters.

9. This bird has hair like Donald Trump and the internet can't handle it

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 If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Donald Trump’s hair is probably feeling pretty good right about now.

A golden pheasant bird named Little Red has taken the internet by storm for its pouf of yellow feathers that closely resemble President-elect Trump’s signature look. The 5-year-old bird, who was previously living a quiet life at Hangzhou Safari Park in China, has become an overnight sensation.

The bird’s keeper told the Daily Mail that he didn’t notice the resemblance until Trump was elected president and a local reporter wrote about the feathered doppelgangers. “I expect more tourists to come to our zoo to see the pheasant now that he has been in the news,” the keeper said.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been compared to a non-human lookalike. Toxic caterpillars, corn, and, even pastries are just a few of the things that bear his likeness, social media users have observed.

10.  A Menstrual Pad

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In other words, a bloody mess.

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