10 Most Terrific Twitter War

10 Unbelievable Twitter Wars

1. Billy Eichner vs. Meghan McCain

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At the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep preached for a more empathic world, but did her message get lost in translation? Her moving speech is now the subject of a Twitter war between Billy Eichner and Meghan McCain — and it sure is nasty! Check out the tweets!

Meryl Streep, 67, delivered one of most emotional speeches from any award show at the Golden Globes on Jan. 8. But with her powerful message comes a great deal of new-wave controversy. It appears some people didn’t hear the part where Meryl begged for a more empathic community, because now, Billy Eichner, 38, and Meghan McCain, 32, are engaged in a nasty Twitter war. The online feud started when Meghan (John McCain’s daughter) wrote, “This Meryl speech is why [Donald] Trump won. And if you people in Hollywood don’t start recognizing why and how — you will help get him re-elected.”

The Billy On The Street actor retaliated with, “She asked him to not make fun of disables people and advocated for the freedom of the press and the arts you f*cking moron.” Ouch! We totally understand why Billy got riled up, seeing as Megan’s tweet was targeting Hollywood stars specifically, but calling someone a “moron” goes against what Meryl was talking about. We’re all in agreement that Donald is NOT the person we wanted in office, so this can’t be the time we all turn against each other. Billy doesn’t approve of the President-Elect, and neither does Meghan, so why can’t we find common ground instead of hating?

Now that the Lifetime Achievement Award winner has spoken, we can’t wait to see how the business mogul will respond. He’ll probably go ahead and send out a mean tweet or call her a “nasty woman” or something. Ironically, Donald wasn’t the only one taking digs at the GGs. Host Jimmy Fallon kind of ripped into Mariah Carey‘s NYE nightmare when his teleprompter stopped working. Was this the best GGs in history or what?!

2. Animal biologists vs. each other

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The animal kingdom displays such magnificent diversity and offers so detailed a view of evolutionary beauty that biologists are bound to have disagreements about the wildlife pecking order. It comes with the specialized territory.

For what may be the first time on Earth, at least with a hashtag, we are now seeing a Twitter war unfold over which animal has the coolest spots.

This is a toughy. Spots are a common trait among creatures of the land, the sea and the sky; of scale, feather and fur.

There is no obvious way to decide a winner here. This is merely the perfect excuse and opportunity to look at a bunch of high-quality animal photographs.

In comparison to the other entries on this list, a relatively tame Twitter war has unfolded over which animal has the coolest spots.

Spots are a common trait among creatures of the land, sea and sky; of scale, feather and fur. And while there's no real way to decide a winner here, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all, this Twitter beef gives us an excuse to look at a bunch of gorgeous animal photographs. (#bestspots if you're interested in exploring more.)

3.  Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Donald Trump

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U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Friday mocked his "Apprentice" successor Arnold Schwarzenegger over ratings for the TV show, sparking a Twitter fight between America's two biggest celebrities-turned-politicians.

Former action movie star Schwarzenegger responded by suggesting that Trump turn his attention to his work as the nation's new president. He quoted Civil War-era President Abraham Lincoln in advising Trump. Trump, who became a household name as the tough host of "The Apprentice" and sister show "The Celebrity Apprentice" for 14 seasons, slammed a 43 percent fall in the 18-to-49-year-old  audience for the new TV show hosted by Schwarzenegger, which premiered on NBC earlier this week.

"Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got 'swamped' (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT," tweeted Trump, who controversially retains an executive producer credit on the reality show. "So much for being a movie star - and that was season 1 compared to season 14. Now compare him to my season 1," he added.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican who served two terms as California governor but who has said he did not vote for Trump, responded swiftly.  "I wish you the best of luck and I hope you'll work for ALL of the American people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings," the "Terminator" actor tweeted. He then asked Trump to study a quote from Lincoln's inaugural address in 1861, about bringing Americans together, saying he hoped it would serve as an inspiration.

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies," the quote begins.

Some 20 million Americans were regular watchers of "The  Apprentice" in the show's first year, falling to around 6 million in 2015 for the last episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" hosted by Trump. The TV audience for Monday's revamped show with Schwarzenegger in the boardroom was 11 million, with a larger, 43 percent,  drop-off in the 18-49-year-old demographic coveted by advertisers compared with the show's last premiere in 2015, Nielsen data showed. Trump will be inaugurated as U.S. president on Jan 20.  

4. Thomas the Tank Engine vs. Himself

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Two rival 'Thomas the Tank Engine' Twitter accounts got into a heated feud

The internet is a strange, wonderful place with room for anything — including publicly quarreling children's show fans.

If ever you needed proof of just how surreal the world of social media can get, just take a look at the following Twitter beef that broke out between two rival Thomas the Tank Engine reaction accounts on Monday.

Okay, let's rewind for a minute.

In the left corner we've got @Thomas_Reacts — a reaction-style Twitter account that uses images from Thomas the Tank Engine to jokily play off modern, everyday problems and situations.

And in the right corner we've got the similarly-named @ThomasReacts_ — another reaction style account that uses images from Thomas the Tank Engine to do... well, pretty much the same thing.

It's unclear whether or not the feud has now been resolved, but @ThomasReacts_ retweeted a tweet from @Thomas_Reacts on Tuesday afternoon that contained a direct reference to the beef — so maybe their turbulent relationship is on the mend.

5. Israel vs. Pakistan
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Reading Fake News, Pakistani Minister Directs Nuclear Threat at Israel

A fake news article led to gunfire at a Washington pizzeria three weeks ago. Now it seems that another fake news story has prompted the defense minister of Pakistan to threaten to go nuclear.

The defense minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif, wrote a saber-rattling Twitter post directed at Israel on Friday after a false report — which the minister apparently believed — that Israel had threatened Pakistan with nuclear weapons. Both countries have nuclear arsenals.

“Israeli def min threatens nuclear retaliation presuming pak role in Syria against Daesh,” the minister wrote on his official Twitter account, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “Israel forgets Pakistan is a Nuclear state too.”

Mr. Asif appeared to be reacting to a fake news article published on teroes.com.

That story, with the typo-laden headline “Israeli Defense Minister: If Pakistan send ground troops to Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack,” appeared on the website on Dec. 20, alongside articles with headlines like “Clinton is staging a military coup against Trump.”

The fake story about Israel even misidentified the country’s defense minister, attributing quotations to a former minister, Moshe Yaalon. Israel’s current minister of defense is Avigdor Lieberman.

The Israeli Defense Ministry responded on Twitter to say the report was fictitious.

“The statement attributed to fmr Def Min Yaalon re Pakistan was never said,” the ministry wrote in Twitter post directed at Mr. Asif. The Israeli ministry added in a second post: "Reports referred to by the Pakistani Def Min are entirely false.”

Mr. Asif did not respond to the Israelis on Twitter, and as of Saturday his message had been reposted nearly 400 times. Many of the people reacting to Mr. Asif on Twitter mocked him for his mistake.

The proliferation of fake news stories — spread on social networks and produced by a variety of sources including pranksters, foreign governments and enterprising individuals who hope to receive advertising revenue by driving traffic to their websites — has become an increasingly serious problem.

A North Carolina man was arrested on Dec. 4 after firing a gun at a Washington pizza parlor, because investigators said he was investigating claims in fake news articles that the pizzeria was at the center of a child sex slave ring linked to Hillary Clinton.

6. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox vs. Donald Trump

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 Former Mexican President Vicente Fox just made it clear who's paying for Trump's wall

Without any bricks being laid, President-elect Donald Trump's wall has taken quite a few hits.

This week, Trump walked back on one of his few solid campaign promises and announced he would ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. Trump later clarified in a tweet that Mexico will still pay for a wall by reimbursing the United States.

But, that's not the case, according to former Mexican President Vicente Fox. On Friday, Fox clapped back at the Trump, saying once again that Mexico will not be financially responsible for the wall.

In no uncertain terms, Fox wrote: "Trump, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall .Be clear with the U.S. taxpayers. They will pay for it."

Fox has long kept Trump in check regarding who would pay for Mexico's wall. As far back as February, Fox dropped an f-bomb on live TV to underscore that Mexico wouldn't pay for the wall. Since then, Fox has stuck to making pot shots at Trump, including mocking his ties.

Fox is not the only one mocking Trump's ideations of a wall. On Friday, Twitter users dragged Trump after he said Congress would foot the initial bill.

7. Smash Mouth vs. The Oakland A's

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 Smash Mouth Gets Into Twitter War With the Oakland A’s

What do Smash Mouth and the Oakland A’s have in common? They’re both watching the World Series. During Game Three last night (Oct. 29), the band and the team got into a fight on Twitter.

Uproxx discovered that it started shortly after Coco Crisp, the wonderfully named veteran outfielder who was traded from Oakland to the Cleveland Indians down the stretch this season, drove in the game’s only run with a pinch-hit single in the top of the seventh inning. John Shea, a baseball columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, recalled that, shortly before the trade, Crisp feuded with the A’s management over playing time, which Crisp believed had less to do with his ability than a provision in his contract that guaranteed money based on games played.

“Coco Crisp goes from accusing A’s of benching him to prevent $13M option from vesting to hitting key RBI single for Indians in World Series,” Shea tweeted. Smash Mouth wrote back, “The A’s are a joke, good for CC!”

But the person running the A’s’ Twitter account didn’t take kindly to their team, which finished in last place in their division with a 68-94 record, being called a “joke” by a band that hasn’t had a single hit the Hot 100 since their made-for-Shrek cover of the Monkees‘ “I’m a Believer” reached No. 25 in 2001.

“Insulted by Smash Mouth? #Pfft,” they tweeted, accompanied by a GIF of shortstop Marcus Semien laughing in the dugout, later adding, “Up late desperately tweeting for relevancy? Hey now, that’s not very All-Star of you.”

To be fair, Smash Mouth have a point about the A’s being unwilling to shell out money to improve their team. The best-selling book and hit movie Moneyball were based on general manager Billy Beane’s ability to field competitive teams at the dawn of the 21st century on a limited budget.

The band also has a history in getting involved in Twitter wars. Earlier this year we learned that the band regularly responds to people who incorrectly call them a one-hit wonder.

8. Sweden vs. Denmark

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Sweden and Denmark got into a Twitter war, and it was hilarious

Sweden and Denmark are age-old rivals. A few hundred years ago, the wars were waged with rifles and cannons. In this age, they are waged on Twitter.

On Thursday the offical Twitter accounts of Sweden and Denmark got into a fight about which country is the greatest.

Sweden seems to have instigated the fight.

It started when Sweden tweeted about wall-to-wall carpeting.

Denmark then responded that the dislike for wall-to-wall carpeting is just one of the things that Danes and Swedes have in common.

This seems to have irritated the Swedish account, causing it to respond with a snarky Tweet.

When they don't engage in Twitter fights, the accounts are used to promote the respective countries. The Danish account, with nearly 17 000 followers, is managed by the Foreign Ministry while the Swedish one, with 50 000 followers, is managed by the Swedish Institute, a government agency.

Years ago, Sweden and Denmark waged war against each other with rifles and cannons. Today, their battles are waged on Twitter.

Sweden seems to have started the latest scuffle, with a tweet about wall-to-wall carpeting.

A friendly exchange followed, with everything from moose to alcohol to sperm banks being used as cannon fodder.

The skirmish between the two countries was all in good fun, and no lives were lost. The Danish account is managed by the Foreign Ministry while Sweden's Twitter presence is curated by the Swedish Institute, a government agency.

9. Wendy's vs. an Internet Troll

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 A Wendy's tweet just went viral for all the wrong reasons

Wendy's learned the hard way on Wednesday that you can go from top of the world to bottom of the barrel with just one tweet.

After gaining praise from social media users on Monday for "owning" a troll on Twitter, the burger chain fell from grace after posting a Pepe the Frog meme in response to a customer.

The image, which started out as a reaction meme, has been adopted as a white nationalist symbol and was deemed a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League last September. Wendy's has since deleted the post.

Despite this mishap, Wendy's is still getting positive attention from social media users who appreciated its saucy tactics against an internet troll.

The company's social media manager apparently doesn't mess around when it comes to defending the chain's fresh-never-frozen beef.

Last week, the company's Twitter account posted a tweet about how it only uses fresh beef for its burger patties, writing "our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen."

A U.S. fast food chain's social media manager doesn't mess around when it comes to defending the restaurant's fresh-never-frozen beef.

Wendy's posted a tweet about how it only uses fresh beef for its burger patties, writing "our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen." A user named @NHride responded the tweet, accusing Wendy's of using frozen meat and calling the company "a joke." The chain responded, saying the company has used fresh beef at its restaurants since it was founded in 1969.

The troll did not answer the question directly, but instead replied that Wendy's should "give up" and that McDonald's was a better chain because it has better breakfast.

10. Panda Express vs. The Killers

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The Killers want free orange chicken after finding their song title in a fortune cookie

ange chicken for life after discovering a US restaurant chain is using one of their song titles.

The band shared a picture on Twitter of a legend found inside a Panda Express fortune cookie. It reads “SMILE LIKE YOU MEAN IT”, the title of the band’s ‘Hot Fuss’ single from 2004.

“I’m thinkin’ orange chicken for life and we’ll let you off the hook for using our stuff,” the band wrote in a caption.

The Killers recently announced that they are reissuing debut album ‘Hot Fuss’ on vinyl on January 13. It will be released on standard weight vinyl and limited pressing white vinyl. Pre-order here.

The band have also recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their seminal second album ‘Sam’s Town’ with a Las Vegas spectacular.

The Killers have been working on their new album and the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Battle Born’ for a few months now. “We’ll see what happens,” said drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr last year. “We’ve been working with different people and seeing how it feels, and we’re starting to work with another person now. I don’t know if we wanna reveal who that is.”

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