10 Awesome Home Mosaic Designs

10 Unusual Home Mosaic Designs

1. Someone Found A Mosaic Of Mandy Moore In The Shower Of Their New Apartment Because Miracles Do Happen

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Some of us are born into greatness, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon us in the form of a Mandy Moore mosaic. (And yes, I’m paraphrasing.)

Twitter user Peter Kaplan’s mutual friends recently purchased an apartment in Queens. And, like most New York apartments, the building came with some quirky features and a distinct sense of character. The new tenants were surprised to find that the mosaic tile in the shower of the new digs featured an artistic rendering of a woman wearing a bikini.

Things got even weirder when it became clear that this woman was modeled after a photo of 1990s-era Mandy Moore.

Some of us are born into greatness, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon us in the form of a Mandy Moore mosaic. (And yes, I’m paraphrasing.)

Twitter user Peter Kaplan’s mutual friends recently purchased an apartment in Queens. And, like most New York apartments, the building came with some quirky features and a distinct sense of character. The new tenants were surprised to find that the mosaic tile in the shower of the new digs featured an artistic rendering of a woman wearing a bikini.

Things got even weirder when it became clear that this woman was modeled after a photo of 1990s-era Mandy Moore.

Let’s take a closer look at this handiwork, shall we? (Kudos to the artist for the excellent shading on the face.)

When you compare the tile to the original photograph, it becomes pretty clear that someone was attempting to recreate the famous singer’s visage in tile.

Why would anyone feel compelled to do such a thing? A mosaic isn’t exactly a low-effort endeavor in the realm of home renovation.

The only explanation I can think of is that the mosaic artist wanted an everlasting source of shower-masturbation material. Or they were just exceptionally fixated on the song “Candy.” (I honestly had to look that up, because I can’t name a Mandy Moore song off the top of my head.)

Regardless, the fact that such artwork even exists, like ancient cave paintings, makes me feel hopeful for both the past and the future — and will inevitably prompt me to look more closely at real estate listings in Queens.

Regardless of whether or not Moore receives a Golden Globe for her performance in This Is Us, this tile masterpiece should really be reward enough.

2. "Ancient" art made from mosaic tile adorns a bathroom wall

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We all know that when it comes to renovating or redecorating our bathroom using the mosaic tiles in its floor or in the wall can help transform the appearance of our old bathroom into a more appealing mosaic tiles bathroom. The designers are very careful in applying the best mosaic tiles that will really suit the color or concept of the bathroom. They considered the taste of the homeowners in their desired styles. Moreover there are different tiles that we can use in our bathroom that will make our bathroom more elegant and luxurious.

Designers usually recommend different trends of tiles where the homeowners can have their best options in providing contrast and a luxurious look. Well, there are so many tile designs and patterns that can go along with other colors and size of the bathroom. Nowadays, the combination of various colors are widely used by many designers in the globe. Another is they placed wider tiles of the same size and pattern on the wall. Today we have gathered the most elegant and amazing bathroom designs with mosaic tiles made by several brilliant designers. Now are you ready to take a look at the collections of Mosaic Tiled Bathroomdesigns?

3. Stunning Floral Patterned Mosaic Tiles from Bisazza

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No one can create tile as gorgeous as the Italian masters can. The floral patterns created by Bisazza in this line are spectacular. Bisazza was established in Northern Italy and has been producing fine mosaic and glass tiles for over 50 years for both indoors and out. Their most recent creations are true masterpieces, beginning with their Alfresco pattern (above and immediately below). Renowned designer Paola Navone contributed this design (and one other) to the 2014 collection. Alfresco marries black and white mosaic tiles with exploding color and vibrant blossoms. What a stunning wall this would make in a breakfast salon! This line is designed to make a bespoke surface — you can choose as much or as little of the floral bursts or black and white mosaics. Do half a wall in the flowers, do a quarter of the wall – your choice. Bisazza rounds out their collection with amazing florals in assorted colors and patterns that are sure to delight. This new collection of inspiring mosaics from one of the world leaders in tile will be turning some heads at shows, and in homes, around the world.

4. Britain’s weirdest council houses: A mock cruise ship, baked bean museum and a recreation of the Sistine Chapel amongst local authority homes transformed by their tenants

These are the tenants who have gone above and beyond to turn their local authority dwellings into something special, including the Sistine Chapel, a Gaudi-inspired indoor garden and even a baked bean museum. 

A new one-off Channel 4 documentary meets council house tenants like Robert Burns, a former decorator who made his three-bedroom Brighton terrace home into a replica of the Sistine Chapel.

Robert has spent 12 years transforming his humble abode into a homage to one of the most iconic artworks of all time, Michaelangelo's ceiling and The Last Judgement fresco.

He also recreated the frescoes on the walls of the chapel, which were painted by famous Renaissance artists - but in a quirky twist, instead of just showcasing the lives of the saints and important religious events, he inset several very modern stars including Wayne Rooney, ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Nigella Lawson and Simon Cowell.

It took him three times as long to complete his work as it took painter Michelangelo to complete his masterpiece in Rome. But what makes his feat more spectacular is that the talented artist has never even been to Italy - or been taught how to paint artistically.

The house, which he shares with his wife Linda is now covered in patterns and paintings from the Renaissance period. Their three bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and living room have all been transformed.

Robert started the ambitious task of finishing his home after buying a book on Renaissance painting for £2 at a local car boot sale in 2003.

'I was blown away. It was the genius of them, the beauty of them is just astonishing,' he said.

In the spare room, he's added a modern touch with paintings of Russell Brand as Jesus, football star Wayne Rooney as St Francis of Assisi in prayer and Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho as Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi.

'It was never done to impress anyone else,' he said. 'It was painted probably for my own vanity.'

But he did admit to being pleased the reaction of visitors, especially workmen who come to his home, saying: 'They are absolutely astonished by this house.'

'When I first started I was working as a painter and decorator but I didn't like the Renaissance artwork in the house at first.

'I asked my wife Linda if she thought it looked like a dog's breakfast and she said she thought about it and she said she thought it was excellent - so I blamed her for me continuing.' 

5. Woman Uses 13,000 Pennies To Renovate Old Floor And Turn It Into Stunning Patterns

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Wondering what to do with that jar of pennies collecting dust in the back of your cupboard? Well, we’ve finally found a good use for them thanks to Tonya Tooners. The Portland, Oregon-based DIY enthusiast used over 13,000 coins to make a beautiful patterned floor in her house, and as you can see, it’s worth every penny!
She made it using three $50 bags of pennies from the bank, along with some Elmer’s glue (ok, ten bottles of Elmer’s glue to be precise), wood filler, grout, and some expensive epoxy. The project took a few months to complete, and progress was often stalled because one of her dogs kept pooping on the pennies (“The dog’s name is Trouble,” she wrote on Imgur. “So that one might be on us”). She didn’t have a particular design in mind and said she “just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going,” but we’re sure you’ll agree that her efforts have really paid off! Get it? Never mind.

6. Flaming Lips Frontman Wayne Coyne’s Psychedelic Renovated Warehouse is Fit for a Rock Star

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The couple took an integral role in the renovation and extension of the residence, working with Fitzsimmons Architects to adjoin six properties around the Coyne property to eventually create a compound-like estate. The first steps were to renovate the main house – they began by raising the roof and replacing it with a fractured plain roof.  The new roof sits above a border of windows, extending the interior upward and flooding the rooms with natural light without compromising privacy. The roof is supported by a double-skinned fa├žade of steel, which protects the main house from solar gain. The exoskeleton also provides shade to the existing patio below, while allowing daylight to shine into the perimeter border of windows. The patio is lined with a glass curtain that opens, connecting the interior with the yard.

The Coyne’s bedroom suite, which was converted from an apartment attached to the warehouse, is lined with a wall of glass doors that open to a private garden.  A wood burning stove sits at the foot of the bed above a hand-tiled floor in the shape of a skull, designed by Mrs. Coyne. A circular mirrored cut out leads to the bathroom, which is perhaps the crowning feature of the room. Clad in smooth Gaudian white concrete, the walls curve in organic shapes, suggesting an architectural cave. The shower and soaking tub are lit with LED lights, which are reflected within the all white interior.

The main living area is converted from a three car garage, and it also opens to the outdoors. Constructed just for the Coynes, the courtyard is home to the “Dragon Egg,” a giant disco ball-like sculpture that casts a mosaic of light around the yard and into the home’s interior.

The innovative home, fit for a rock star, also symbolizes the musician’s attempt to incite social change in his childhood area, and increase the quality of life for his neighbors.

7. Jaina Davis' whimsical Potrero Hill home is artist's utopia

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Jaina Davis welcomes visitors into her Potrero Hill property through an exotic entryway enswathed by Indian scarves and ghostly wisps of incense smoke. Inside, a splayed bobcat clings to the ceiling and more mutant specimens - a speculum-billed duck, for example - huddle among endless artwork and trinkets. This is the portal into Granny's Empire of Art, and Davis is the lady of the manor.

It was an inheritance windfall in her late 20s that allowed Davis to purchase a lot with not one but two freestanding houses. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, she couldn't resist the urge to let her imaginative cohorts draw all over the walls, so she created a Shangri-La for artists. Every room was a canvas to be claimed.

"A lot of people come to this house and say they could never live in a place like this, it's just too overstimulating or it's too wild and distracting, but this is my comfort zone," Davis says.

At first it was a chaotic free-for-all attacking the beige walls and track lighting room by room, gradually giving each one a theme and purpose. Seventeen years later, the front house retains the hodgepodge feel. There's a costume closet in the attic and a tree house staircase leading up to it.

A Stephen King portrait made mostly of cigarette butts adorns the enchanted hunters lodge, and an office's floor is covered in postcards.

"I like to pay tribute to my inspirations," she says.

Imagination runs wild
The rear building is really where Davis exercises her muscle as creative director - where her personal space is.

On a recent sunny afternoon, Davis threw on a Petra Haden album in the newly remodeled living room of her cottage. She says the syncopated a cappella matches the house perfectly. They both are unpredictable and whimsical.

The bathroom, for instance, transports you to an under-the-sea Gaudi exhibit. A glittery mosaic mural of the floor of the ocean blankets the curved walls, and a submarine periscope dangles above the yellow bathtub on which the Beatles' portraits are painted.

Portholes peer outside where the exterior of the bathroom is repurposed barn wood. Through the periscope is a video installation that plays dreamy surfer videos from the '60s.

Granny's Cottage features a second crown jewel, "Pencil Vania," a three-story stairwell completely covered in pencils. There are pencil walls, pencil details, and a pencil portrait of Davis. Artist Jason Mecier, who also co-designed the Gaudi-inspired bathroom, created this Taj Mahal of office supplies. They have no idea how many pencils went into the five-year project.

"Our official answer is eleventy-billion, but we're hoping that somebody with some sort of disorder will count them all officially because nobody else is going to be that exact," Davis says.

Inarguably, Davis' cottage has its fair share of kitsch. The living room walls are painted to look like they're rotting with mildew and an unfinished "raindrop room" features a fur meditation closet. There's also the clown-laden circus carpet from a remnants store in the Bayview.

Yet she just had extravagant mahogany floors done downstairs and a complete kitchen remodel that borders on conventional.

"The kitchen is a little more subtle and sophisticated than most of the rooms, but I didn't want it to seem like it wasn't part of the program around here," Davis says.

Although the kitchen is more beautiful than strange, it's not anything you could pick out of a catalog. Carpenter Patrick Kadyk worked on the custom banquette. He's part of a subculture of unique people with carpentry skills that Davis has discovered while working on her house.

Interactive creativity
Friend and artist Christine Shields conceptualized the kitchen design, such as a retro-inspired yet energy-efficient fuchsia refrigerator, mirrored by an accent wall of the same color. Davis is all for the personal touches. Her new kitchen also features a special herb cabinet and custom lighting by Jenny b of Shady Lady Lighting.

Her lighting designer for 15 years, she says that Davis' "magicalness" cannot be summed up.

That's because collaboration - interactive creativity - is what Davis values most, and she says that sharing is what gives her the most pleasure.

That's one of the reasons there are so many guest rooms, like the opium den and the San Francisco theme room. Davis likes having somewhere for artists and friends to stay - most of them have been priced out of San Francisco.

8. Pictorial Glass Tile Mosaics by Trend: the Newest Thing in Walls

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Pictorial glass tile mosaics and mosaic tile ornaments – they aren’t just for swimming pools anymore! Try them on your walls. That’s right, your walls! They look fantastic, of course, on the walls around your pool – that’s a no brainer. Or on the shower wall, another predictable (but desirable) location. How about a dining room wall? Or a bedroom wall? The Murrine Collection (above and immediately below) is Trend’s interpretation of historic Venetian murrine (colored patterns made in long rods of glass that are revealed when cut in cross-sections). These impressive works of art are made from (mostly, as in 78%) recycled glass so no need to feel guilty. The Embroidery Collection is inspired by the lace of our grandmothers – and available in six styles that mimic traditional lace design. The Artistic Mosaic collection features small (amazing) design motifs – primarily inspired by nature. Whichever you choose, the tiny tiles will turn your boring wall into bellissimo works of art.

9. Star Wars Shower In Basement Bathroom

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 The best part of being an adult is that if you decide that the basement needs a Star Wars shower, the basement gets a Star Wars shower! This is so cool, though some people might against the idea of redone the house and it would have effect on resale value. But with a basement so awesome like this, I would never ever want to sell it!

GBFel used Emser Tile’s “Image” product line because the glass squares were the same color throughout instead of a glaze or something and they were all affixed to a mesh backing in 12″x12″ sections. Some concessions were made to color due to a somewhat limited palette but it turned out well.

Starting with a white tile, He popped squares out with a knife in the shape of each character and glued the right color back in with white glue. This… took a while.

Like always, He realized that He forgot to take rough in photos before He was halfway done. Oh well.

Just your basic white glazed subway tile from a home improvement store that rhymes with “blows.”

Mastic will stay wet for a long time which He needed so He could run back and forth to the tile saw since He was doing this solo and also He needed time to adjust placed tiles.

Sloped the seat for runoff but also added a coat of the brush-on plastic stuff… or five.

Had the drywallers leave me a nice 90 degree finished edge to tile up to on the return wall. All of the cracks got a ton of mastic shoved in them.

First section on the wall. Tried to center the shower head over Leia’s and Boba’s guns but He was slightly off. Not concerned enough to fix it and anyway the Gamorrean’s ass was too fat to shift him right.

Hooray for measuring. Purposely kept each wall section one column too narrow just in case. Didn’t want to be pulling things down to cut them with wet stuff on the walls.

10. A shocking mosaic found in Finland

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This image has been circulating the Internet for a few years. What we do know is it's from an otherwise average looking home that was on the market somewhere in Finland. We imagine the real estate agent had a tough time making a sale.

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