10 Amazing Frozen Animals

10 Unbelievable Frozen Animals

1. Frozen fox extracted from upper reaches of Danube in Germany

A block of ice containing a drowned fox who broke through the thin ice of the Danube river four days earlier sits on the bank of the Danube river in Fridingen, southern Germany, Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. (Johannes Stehle/dpa via AP)
A hunter in Germany has put on show a block of ice containing a fox that he says fell into the chilly Danube and drowned, in what he calls a warning of the dangers of the icy river.

Franz Stehle told news agency dpa on Friday that the block containing the fox was extracted from the ice on Jan. 2 and put on display outside his family's hotel in Fridingen. The town is on the upper reaches of the Danube, close to its source in southwestern Germany.

Stehle says it's not unusual for animals to break through the frozen surface of the river in winter. He says he's seen a frozen deer and wild boar before.

2. Unusual Freeze Frame: Frozen Fish Kill

Titled “Fishicicles” by Kelly Preheim. Common carp, mostly, frozen in ice at Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota.
Back in 2015, Kelly Preheim, a regular visitor to Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge witnessed a startling sight.

Explanation of the Frozen Fish Kill

Kelly explains the reasoning behind the startling sight of many frozen common carp and a few other fish species. The lake levels were low due to drought. The fish kill was due to depleted oxygen. When thick ice (particularly if it gets covered with snow) forms on a lake’s surface, it blocks out the sun, and the algae/plants don’t photosynthesize and produce oxygen, thus depleting oxygen levels. If the aquatic plants and algae subsequently die and decompose, this also uses oxygen, further depleting levels, so the fish essentially suffocate from lack of oxygen.

The fish died and floated to the surface. When the weather turned even colder, the ice expanded pushing it toward the shore where it buckled and went vertical. or it may have been driven there by very strong winds. The thousands of frozen fish on the lake attracted hundreds of bald eagles, various gulls and American crows as they fed on the dead fish. It was quite a sight and it smelled very fishy out there for quite awhile.”

3. Man finds fox frozen in Swedish lake

Photo: Jeffer Sandström
The grisly find was made recently by 26-year-old Jeffer Sandström, who was hesitant himself as to whether skating on a lake in Jönköping was a good idea.

"Temperatures had been below zero for several days, so I figured it was strong enough for a skate," he told The Local, adding that the ice was likely between three and five centimetres thick

After a few hours of skating "with the odd cracking sound here and there", the Swede made a macabre discovery.

"I saw something out of the corner of my eye and thought 'What's that?' I figured it was junk someone had thrown in the lake," he explained.

"But when I went to investigate I saw it was a fox stuck in the ice. I'd never seen anything like it before."

Sandström admitted to feeling sorry for the fox, and added that the wild animal appeared to have fallen through thin ice and ended up swimming.

The Swede didn't hang around to find out whether the fox may had had company during its fatal winter swim.

"I just thought 'Whoops, it's time to go home'. If a fox can get it wrong, then so can I," he told The Local.

The incident is not the first time an animal has frozen solid in Scandinavian ice. In Norway an elk and a whole school of fish have been found and photographed after they met their end in thin ice.

4. Elk found frozen solid in Norwegian lake

The elk frozen in Kosmo lake. Source: Inger Sjøberg
An elk has been found frozen solid in the middle of a a lake near Bodo in northern Norway, after the ice apparently cracked beneath it as it was trying to cross.
Inger Sjøberg, 47, found the animal as she was skating across  Kosmo lake in Valnesfjord on December 29th.

"I was out skating with my boyfriend, and we saw something dark on the ice," she told The Local. "I thought it was some wood or some grass or something, and when we looked at it, we saw that it was an elk. I have never seen it before, a frozen animal in the ice."

She said she believed the elk must have fallen through earlier in the winter before the ice hardened properly.

"We had to go out a bit from land, so the ice was strong enough when he started to walk, but then further out it was not strong enough. It's part of nature that animals die in this way."

5. Looking for love in ALL the wrong places: Frog freezes solid while searching for a mate on icy Norwegian lake

Getty Images
It almost looks like it is sleeping, but sadly, this little frog will not jump again as it froze solid trying to cross a lake in Norway.

It is thought that a sudden rise in temperatures fooled the hibernating amphibian and it ventured out across the lake to find a girlfriend.

However, as the lake froze, possibly overnight, the frog would have returned to hibernation out in the open, and died from the cold.

Photographer Svein Nordrum, 54, discovered the creature caught out by freezing conditions.

He said: ‘I was out skating for a couple of hours and, suddenly; I saw something on the surface of the ice. When I saw it was a frog, frozen stiff, I was quite shocked. I have never seen anything like it before.’

He said: ‘It was a sad thing to see, but at the same time it was quite beautiful. I think this frog was trying to find a hole in the ice and swim back to shore once the lake started to freeze.

‘The poor thing obviously didn't make it and was left stuck to the ice I don't think it would have been there for very long as something would have taken it to eat.’

Mr Nordrum captured the shot while skating on Lake Bindingsvann, just outside of Oslo. He said: ‘It was a once-in-a-lifetime photograph. I am very lucky to have captured it.’

Silviu Perovan, conservation coordinator at UK conservation charity Froglife, said the frog could have been looking for a mate when it froze.

He said: ‘It is fairly common to see frogs crossing areas covered in snow. Some frogs hibernate on the water but most hibernate on land in the vicinity of a body of water.

‘I think that for whatever reason the frog became active again during hibernation. There was probably a slightly warmer period which led the frog to become active, perhaps for reproduction.
‘It was probably in search of a mate and was crossing the lake when the temperature dropped again, probably overnight, and it was frozen to the lake.’


Getty Images
Footage filmed by Turkish news DHA in the rural village Siverek shows the unattended donkeys encrusted by snow, with icicles hanging off their flank.

The five donkeys stand so still, as they huddle together for warmth, that they appear to have literally frozen solid.

Siverek is located in the Sanliurfa province in south-eastern Turkey, which experiences some of the country's harshest winter conditions.

Fortunately, the donkey's chilling tale has a heart-warming ending.

After photos of their plight were shared online, Siverek governor Hamza Erkal and Mayor Ali Murat Bucak sent a six-person team to rescue them.

When the team found the donkeys, some of them were so cold they were unable to walk and had to be carried to a truck, which took them to an animal shelter.

Housed in a warm stable, the donkeys were fed and checked by a vet.

The rescue team was instructed to stay alert for other abandoned animals in the area.

7. Two moose found frozen in battle.

Getty Images
Saturday, November 19, 2016, 12:38 PM -    During a trek near a remote village on Alaska's western coast, hiker Brad Webster and his friend discovered two bull moose literally frozen in time.

Encased in thick ice, the moose were found in Unalakleet along the Bering Sea with their antlers locked together.

Webster took his friend for a tour of the local Covenant Bible Camp on Nov. 2 when they spotted the animals.

"That's when we saw it," Webster said in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

He initially thought it was just one frozen moose, but upon closer inspection, he realized there was two.

It was the end of mating season when the moose were discovered, meaning they were most likely battling over territory or a female, the friends noted on Facebook.

According to Webster, there's a good chance one of the animals was wounded by the other's antlers and together, they drowned in the frigid water.

"It was a very interesting experience," Webster told The Associated Press.

Webster and his friend captured images of the animals and returned to the scene several days after to remove the frozen moose.

"The plan is to remove intact for a very unique head mount," Webster's friend Jeff Erickson posted on Facebook.

Retired biologist Bill Samuel at the University of Alberta told National Geographic he has never seen anything quite like this before.

"This happens rarely when bulls of equal size can't decide who is boss just by displaying to each other," Samuel told the magazine.

While moose skulls have been found entangled in the past, it's rare to find them encased in ice.

"I have heard of locked bucks that were basically eaten alive by coyotes," Samuel told National Geographic. "Nature can be nasty."

8. Extremes of Nature: National Geographic's 2009 Photo Contest

Cold Coyote

It was one of my last images of 2008. I spotted this frozen coyote on the side of a gravel road on my way into town. This is exactly how I found the coyote—frozen stiff, sitting up, at the side of the road. We’d been having temps of below -30C for two weeks. I guess this is part of the natural selection. (Sabine Cane)
Every year, National Geographic's International Photography Contest draws thousands of spectacular photos from users around the world. We've culled a selection of nature's extremes, including places, people and animals—captions by the photographers themselves.  Can you do better? Well the contest isn't over yet! Get off your duff and visit the site, where you can vote for your favorite, play puzzles download wallpaper — and enter your own photo for a chance to win a digital camera kit and have your image published in the magazine.

9. During winter 2014 in Norway, a rare phenomenon occurred-ice froze so fast that fish were frozen into it!

Getty Images
Ingolf Kristiansen was on a short walk with his dog along the bay of Lovund, when he stumbled upon what he had never seen before. Cold temperatures and wind that may have triggered a lightning-fast freezing of the bay. 

10. Japanese skating rink featuring 5,000 frozen fish under the ice closes amid outcry

Getty Images
n ice skating rink in Japan which featured 5,000 frozen fish embedded in the ice has closed following a flurry of criticism.

The rink, which opened inside Space World amusement park in Kitakyushu, southern Japan on November 12, created the unusual fish display in an apparent bid to educate visitors about marine life.

However, the park faced a barrage of criticism on social media, with images of the open-mouthed fish beneath the ice prompting widespread accusations of animal cruelty.

Following the outcry, the company closed down the ice rink over the weekend and issued an apology on its website, reading: “We deeply apologise to the people who felt uncomfortable over the Aquarium of Ice event. In accordance, we have stopped the event from today.”

It’s an embarrassing turn-around for Space World, which just weeks before the opening of the ice rink had promoted the new attraction as the first of its kind in the world.

Its creators reportedly went shopping for thousands of small dead fish at a wholesale fish market before burying them in the ice, as though they were swimming through the rink, according to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

The fish bodies were accompanied by photographs of larger marine creatures, such as whale shark, with the images also placed just under the ice as part of the display.

The attraction sparked an immediate backlash, with critics of the attraction immediately condemning the use of real fish as an “insult to life” while others called for a boycott of Space World.

Images circulating extensively on social media included photography of small red wide-eyed goldfish with their mouths wide open, as though they had been frozen while alive.

The organisers denied that they had been frozen while still living, reportedly insisting that they had been bought and inserted into the ice after they had died, according to Japanese media reports.

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