Thieves steal $1M in fur coats from upscale Manhattan store

NEW YORK –  Police are searching for three thieves with a taste for designer clothing who stole more than $1 million dollars' worth of fur from a store on Manhattan's upscale Madison Avenue.

The theft occurred on Christmas Eve after one of the suspects threw a brick through the window of the Dennis Basso Inc. store just before 5 a.m.

Owner Dennis Basso says the thieves made off with several Russian sable coats, some of which were valued as high as $200,000.

Achilleas Georgiades, a store executive, says he can't believe something like this happened on the "civilized" Madison Avenue.

Surveillance video captured one of the suspects being struck in the head by a metal beam after climbing through the shattered window.

PETA officials say the theft serves Basso right for peddling fur.

Luxury fur coats at Dennis Basso, which was recently burglarized, in New York. Thieves broke into the high-end fur designer store on Christmas Eve, and they may have pulled off the largest fur heist in New York City history, stealing millions of dollars in furs.  (ALEX WROBLEWSKI / NYT) 

SEE IT: Crooks steal furs from Upper East Side store after smashing glass door on Christmas Eve

All they wanted for Christmas was millions in furs.

A trio of crooks smashed their way into the swanky Dennis Basso Boutique on the Upper East Side and sacked the place early Christmas Eve, stealing furs and other items, police said.

A video released to ABC Channel 7 shows one bandit throwing a rock — a cobblestone, police said Monday — to break the plate-glass front door of the boutique’s Madison Ave. location near E. 69th St. at about 4:10 a.m. Saturday.

The thief rushed in and two others quickly follow him in.

A store manager told the TV station the thieves went right for the priciest sables and chinchillas.

Cops have yet to collar the coat crooks, an NYPD spokesman said.

Authorities did not have an exact price tag for the theft.

Thieves steal fur coats worth $1M from upscale New York store

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